Secure long term rent.

Are you a landlord wanting let your property?
Do you want a guaranteed rent?
Looking for your perfect tenant?

Well here we are!! We will rent your property off you for 3-5 years or longer!

We will rent your property, furnish, and Paint bringing your property to a high standard so it fits in with our design and business model.

We will then use your property to house our professional tenants such as nurses, doctors, teachers, full time employees etc.

All of our tenants are fully credit checked and referenced, so you can have peace of mind that your property will be looked after.

We pay all bills, We’re fully insured and cover damages and maintenance costs related to our tenants.

So if you have a property within 1 hour of Birmingham, Nottinghamshire, Coventry, Please get in touch by filling our out contact form and we will see if we can offer you this fantastic product!

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